2017 Linking TANF Families to Employment and Economic Opportunities Meeting

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Family Assistance (OFA), held the Linking Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Families to Employment and Economic Opportunities Meeting at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Arlington, Virginia on August 14-16, 2017. This meeting allowed Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program representatives from around the country the opportunity to learn about promising practices and actionable implementation strategies to improve employment outcomes and economic independence among TANF families. Over the course of the meeting, attendees attended presentations from experts and program administrators, and participated in peer-moderated InfoSessions, OFA Regional breakout discussions, and a sharing session with OFA leadership. Almost 300 TANF representatives, State and Territory Human Service Commissioners, and federal partners attended the meeting.
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2017 Linking to Emp & Economic Opp Mtng Agenda 451.1 KB
2017 Linking TANF Families to Employment and Economic Opportunities Meeting Summary Report 1.13 MB
Bailey Addressing Housing and Behavioral Needs PPT 1.35 MB
DeBernardi Community-Based Services PPT 1.43 MB
Williams Pathway to Prosperity PPT 3.12 MB
Button Salon Russock LEAD ODEP PPT 1.12 MB
Maryland WIOA Memoranda of Understanding 1.33 MB
Smith Final presentation Improving Mental Health PPT 4.05 MB
Hall OAH Preventing Teen Pregnancy PPT 2.1 MB
Olesen One Family One Plan PPT 1.04 MB
Pazolt Supported Employment PPT 1.21 MB
Hall Appel-Newby Joffe Improving TANF Client Outcomes PPT 16.65 MB
Matthew White Preventing Teen Pregnancies PPT 2.65 MB
Bland Family Engagement PPT 1.2 MB
Fagundes Backman WIOA TANF SNAP Integration PPT 1.59 MB
Reed Mata Relationships Matter PPT 3.53 MB
Litwok HPOG PPT 1.37 MB
Harris Working through TANF-WIOA PPT 1.14 MB
Koralek HPOG PPT 1.35 MB
Ridgeway Harris Randolph-Robinson WIOA Prioritization PPT 1.28 MB
Shipley Shirbroun RecycleForce PPT 1.22 MB
Cielinski Coordinating TANF and WIOA PPT 384.49 KB
Mancini Evidence Based Strategies PPT 3.11 MB
Stier Acker-Houseman Improving Program Outcomes PPT 1.98 MB
Jaegers Brenneke WIOA TANF Integration 946.37 KB
Richardson Performance Based Contracts PPT 1.05 MB
Quinnine Real World Strategies PPT 3.92 MB
Donald DC Workforce System PPT 1.81 MB
McCay Mastri Rapid Cycle Evaluation PPT 1.22 MB
Burke Oregon Family Engagement PPT 1.05 MB
Taatiti Performance Based Contracts PPT 1.05 MB
Joffe Fagundes Perry Coaching for Improved Outcomes PPT 1.9 MB
Mirigian Community Based Strategies PPT 2.24 MB
Lay Increasing Work Through Employer Connections PPT 1.08 MB
Glosser Workforce Development Council PPT 1.37 MB
Davis Enhancing Family Stability PPT 1.38 MB
Ramlow Delaney Leukefeld Promising Approaches for Assisting Families PPT 1.94 MB
Chilton Building Wealth and Health PPT 2.9 MB
Collins Addressing Barriers PPT 1.18 MB
Flagg Maryland DHS WIOA Alignment and Integration PPT 934.3 KB
Connecting TANF to Career Pathways with HPOG PPT 781.13 KB
Maryland's Workforce System 293.02 KB
Constance Helping TANF Recipients Find Employment PPT 1.29 MB
Thompson Improving Employment Outcomes PPT 2.75 MB
Fishman Farrell Gaffney Strategies to Incorporate Behavioral Science PPT 1.74 MB