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    Teen Pregnancy Prevention

    Learn more about programs that support teenage mothers and their children, as well as approaches used across the country to reduce and prevent teenage pregnancy.
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    Opioid Recovery

    The road to recovery for opioid addiction includes a range of recovery and treatment programs to meet the challenges that dependency poses. Learn more about options to address the opioid crisis.
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    PeerTA and Partner Resources

    Learn more about reports, briefs, and other studies that examine how public policies affect TANF-eligible populations and illustrations of innovative programs.  You can also get answers about what is working in the field.

Recently Asked Questions

June 25, 2018
Idaho is interested in hearing from states who have used TANF funds for relative placement for the first 60 days of a child coming into Foster Care.
June 25, 2018
A representative from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is looking for program information from states that utilize a single vendor approach to TANF E&T programs, i.e., what is the process, how are your clients best served, what issues have you run into, how does it affect your state's WPR (if that data is available).
April 16, 2018

A representative from Rainbow Services, a domestic violence agency in Southern California, is interested in learning about transportation programs available to help support participants. Can anyone share about innovative transportation programs in their area?

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