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    Coaching for Sucess

    This series of technical assistance tools was developed for the Coaching for Success Learning Community under the Integrating Innovative Employment & Economic Stability Strategies into TANF Programs (IIEESS) initiative.
  • Youth Mentoring

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    Youth Mentoring

    Positive Involvement Benefits

    Positive involvement with at-risk youth reaps benefits for them, including increased retention and graduation rates from school, enrollment in post-secondary education, and participation in the labor market. Learn more about models and practices.
  • Child Support

    Writ order from court for child support hearing

    Child Support

    NCPs and Child Support

    Noncustodial parents are financially obligated to support their underage children, yet they often face a variety of challenges to meet this responsibility. Learn more about programs and support for noncustodial parents.
  • Kinship Care

    Father and mother carrying their children

    Kinship Care

    Benefits of Kinship Care

    In some families, parents are not the only ones that care for children – kinship ties to youth can often extend to grandparents, other relatives, and even close friends. Learn more about the benefits of kinship care.
  • Newsletter

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    Newsletter Sign-up

    The weekly PeerTA newsletter provides timely resources on the latest trends, practices, research, and events in the field. Sign up today to keep current, access OFA guidance, and ask interactive questions of your peers.
  • Resource Library

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    Resource Library

    Available Resources on PeerTA

    Don’t know where to turn when seeking information about an issue that your organization is facing? The Resource Library is a treasure trove of briefs, reports, factsheets, infographics, and innovative programs.

Recently Asked Questions

October 9, 2019
A representative from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services is interested in learning how other states utilize third-party MOE, specifically: what MOE do they use (other than Pre-K), how do they set up the third-party MOE, and do they use Boys and Girls Clubs of America for MOE and if so, please describe that agreement and process.
December 3, 2019
A representative from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is interested in learning what states and counties are currently implementing or have in the past implemented Mobility Mentoring.
September 21, 2018
A question was asked by a State representative at a recent OFA Regional Workshop: How do you encourage trust from participants to communicate freely on barriers such as substance use in order to best meet their needs? What promising methods do you use to endear that trust?

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