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    Emerging Practice Series

    This brief highlights an innovative collaboration forged between a corporation, government agencies, and a community partner in New Hampshire to create a career pathway for TANF participants in the healthcare industry. Read more about how the partners designed a phased training model to directly int...
  • Opioid Crisis

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    Opioid Crisis

    Substance Misuse and Treatment

    The road to recovery for the opioid addiction crisis includes a range of recovery and treatment programs to meet the challenges that dependency poses. Learn more about opioid recovery and treatment options.
  • Trauma-Informed Approaches

    Trauma-Informed Principles: Safety, Trustworthy/Transparent, Peer Support, Collaboration/Mutuality, Empowerment/Voice/Choice.

    Trauma-Informed Approaches

    Addressing Adverse Experiences

    Many individuals are exposed to at least one lifetime traumatic experience within families and communities. Learn how implementing trauma-informed approaches can help individuals of various ages cope with trauma and build resiliency.
  • Returning Citizens

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    Returning Citizens


    Returning citizens often face difficulty re-engaging in their communities and the workforce due to various internal and external obstacles. Learn about education, employment, and apprenticeship programs that help them overcome barriers to reintegrating into society.
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    Newsletter Sign-up

    The weekly PeerTA newsletter provides timely resources on the latest trends, practices, research, and events in the field. Sign up today to keep current, access OFA guidance, and ask interactive questions of your peers.
  • Resource Library

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    Resource Library

    Available Resources on PeerTA

    The Resource Library hosts a treasure trove of briefs, reports, factsheets, and infographics to address a range of topics including social welfare and policy, workforce development, supportive services, and TANF policy.

Recently Asked Questions

April 9, 2020
A representative from the Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services asks states and territories that offer non-recurrent TANF benefits: what type of benefit is offered; is there a cap or maximum amount; what criteria are used to determine when the benefit is issued and what is the process; and what is the respondent’s name, email address or phone number in case there are follow up questions?
March 26, 2020
In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, a representative of Lake County Social Services in Lower Lake, California is interested in finding out how counties are supporting their TANF staff working from home, as well as what important items are necessary to include when developing a written policy for telework. Additionally, what issues have counties encountered when allowing staff to work from home, such as breach of confidentiality, worker's comp injuries, and damage to county equipment?
October 9, 2019
A representative from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services is interested in learning how other states utilize third-party MOE, specifically: what MOE do they use (other than Pre-K), how do they set up the third-party MOE, and do they use Boys and Girls Clubs of America for MOE and if so, please describe that agreement and process.

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June 2, 2020
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