Appendix 4



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  • What are the demographics of your TANF caseload?
  • What services were provided before this program was implemented?
  • How has this program changed/improved service array or delivery?
  • What aspects of your program make it successful in meeting the needs of your clients?
  • How do you know your program is effective?

Program development

  • What were the main steps in starting the program?
  • Have there been challenges in implementing the program?
  • How were you able to overcome challenges and implement the program?
  • How have you responded to ongoing programmatic/regulatory changes?

Program operations

  • What services are provided and how are they delivered?
    • Tools might include:
      • Forms for enrollment, screening, etc.
      • Policies/procedures
      • Regulations
      • MOUs
      • Tracking and reporting documents/forms
  • How is this program funded? What is the operating budget?
  • How does the program meet Federal policy requirements under the DRA?
    • Tools might include:
      • MOUs
      • Tracking and reporting documents/forms
  • What administrative or infrastructure supports do program staff receive from other areas?
  • How does the program interact with other services provided either within or outside the agency?
  • How many staff work for the program? What are their roles and responsibilities?
    • Tools might include:
      • Org charts
      • Job descriptions
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of critical staff?
  • What qualifications do program staff need in order to make the program successful?
  • How are staff trained?
    • Tools might include:
      • Training schedules
      • Training manuals/curricula
  • How do you measure performance of key staff?
    • Tools might include:
      • Tracking documents/forms
      • Awards/rewards information

Keys to success

  • What are the main keys to success of your program?

Things to consider

  • If you knew everything you know now at the beginning of the program development process, what would you have done differently? What would you have done the same?
  • What would be important things for other agencies to consider before they decided to implement a program like yours?

For more information

  • Where can we learn more about this program?
  • Who should other interested administrators contact for follow-up information about your program?