COVID and Safety Net Innovation (CASI) TA Initiative

Video Series Explores Collaboration between TANF programs and Community Action Agencies

Partnerships between TANF-funded programs and Community Action Agencies (CAAs) are the focus of this video series released by the Office of Family Assistance (OFA) and the Office of Community Services (OCS). Filmed at four sites across the country, the five brief videos each look at how TANF programs and CAAs are working together to help shared customers achieve social and economic success. The videos are one result of the COVID and Safety Net Innovation (CASI) TA Initiative, a joint OFA and OCS initiative that provided technical assistance to TANF programs and CAAs, helping them develop a joint action plan to strengthen the safety net.


A customer and staff member meeting - YouTube

Building a Whole Family Approach

The Hampton Roads Community Action Program and the Virginia Department of Social Services have partnered in a pilot program focused on a whole family approach.

January 2023
 A program participant on the phone, at her job - YouTube

Collaborating to Strengthen Work Opportunities

Audubon Area Community Services and the Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program collaborate closely to deliver diverse, meaningful work opportunities.

January 2023
A team planning service delivery - YouTube

Joint Planning for Anti-poverty Initiative

In Arizona, the CASI initiative supported Maricopa County Human Services Department and the Arizona Department of Economic Security as they planned a holistic approach to anti-poverty efforts in a rural community.

January 2023
 A program participant talking about her progress - YouTube

Serving a Rural Population

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) and MAHUBE-OTWA Community Action Partnership work together to effectively meet the needs of a far-flung, rural population.

January 2023
Team members talking about a Native American medicine garden - YouTube

Committed to AI/NA Culture

Minnesota DHS and MAHUBE-OTWA Community Action Partnership have a shared vision for supporting American Indian/Native American culture.

January 2023