Innovative Programs

SWIFT (Successful Incentives for TANF)

Mission/Goal of Program

ARCHS’ Missouri Community Work Support Grant assisted adults participating in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to remove sanctions through an innovative two-pronged approach focusing on “rapid response” engagement and “transitional job” training. Service area is St. Louis City and County. This program focuses on assisting TANF participants with multiple barriers i.e. limited work experience, sanctioned status, conciliation status, or residing in transitional housing, obtain work experience.

Programs/Services Offered

The program included several wrap-around and supportive services focused on engagement and work experience for these eligible TANF participants including: a five-month transitional job, clinical case management, life skills development, transportation assistance, childcare referral, payment for work related expenses, short term skills training, and substance abuse, domestic violence, and mental health intervention. More than 80 area employers were recruited to participate providing thousands of hours in donated on-the-job-training.

Start Date
Thursday, November 1, 2007
Type of Agency/Organization
St. Louis
Geographic Reach
Clientele/Population Served
St. Louis City & County Sanctioned TANF Recipients
Job Readiness
Transitional Jobs
TANF Program Administration
Case Management