From Paychecks to Prosperity: Building the Financial Capability of Youth in Workforce Programs

This Prosperity Now report is the culmination of an 18-month partnership with the Citi Foundation to design and implement the Youth Financial Capability Fund, which integrated workforce development with financial capability services and supported five youth workforce development organizations: Genesys Works, Juma Ventures, NPower, STRIVE International, and the Urban Alliance. The report identifies 11 key findings in the following five categories that agencies can use when designing financial capability programs to meet young people’s needs: preparing for organizational change, putting youth at the center, exploring partnerships’ role, measuring progress, and managing organizational change and sustaining financial capability work. Also highlighted are recommendations on how to partner with employers, offer multi-generational financial capability services to support household financial empowerment, and collaborate across sectors to address barriers that disconnected youth face when considering their financial well-being.
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June, 2019
June 2019
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    • Debt Management and Credit Counseling
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  • Special Populations
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