Health Profession Opportunity Grants 2.0: Year Two Annual Report (2016-2017)

The Health Profession Opportunity Grants Program (HPOG 2.0) provides funding for education and training initiatives to help TANF recipients gain skills for in-demand health care professions. This report is part of an ongoing series that describes the flexible programs and services states offer, catalogues the characteristics of participating individuals, and evaluates program outcomes. Thus far, one-third of participants took basic skills training and about two-thirds of those participants started health care training. Half of participants nationwide earned professional certifications and started or were promoted in a health care job. While some supportive services like case management were widely used, others like job placement or multiple certification services were underutilized. With five years of curriculum goals, HPOG will continue to publish future reports as the program progresses.
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August, 2018
August 2018
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