2018 Prevention Resource Guide

This guide is a product of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau, its Child Welfare Information Gateway, and the FRIENDS (Family Resource Information, Education, and Network Development Service) National Center for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention. It provides information, strategies, and resources to help communities support and strengthen families and ensure the well-being of children. The guide offers support to service providers who work with parents, caregivers, and children to prevent child maltreatment. It shares strategies on building protective factors within families and for children through service delivery and community partnerships. Protective factors discussed range from knowledge of child development to building social capital and parental resilience.
Record Type: 
Stakeholder Resource
Publication Date: 
April, 2018
April 2018
Partner Resources
  • Employment
  • Supportive Services
    • Child Care
    • Health/Behavioral Health Referrals and Supports
  • Special Populations
    • Children Impacted by Toxic Stress
    • Domestic Violence Survivors
    • Homeless Families