Guided Career Pathways: A New Postsecondary Framework for Today’s Learners

Toolkit Year
Toolkit Publisher
Jobs for the Future
Toolkit Purpose

This toolkit is intended to support the design and implementation of a new postsecondary education model which:
• reflects the current need for rapid reskilling and a world of work being transformed by technology
• supports adult students balancing family and work obligations
• acknowledges and grants credit for the skills gained through work
• focuses on racial and socioeconomic equity.

Summary of Toolkit Approach

The strategies in this toolkit are built upon four pillars of Guided Pathways:
Pillar 1: Create clear curricular pathways to employment and offer opportunities for ongoing skill development to support career mobility
Pillar 2: Help students choose and enter their pathways, build on prior experience, explore career options, and connect with work
Pillar 3: Help students stay on their paths to complete their employment and transfer goals, and design programs with the flexibility to allow learners to reenter at any point
Pillar 4: Ensure that learning happens with intentional learning outcomes and assessment in both the classroom and work-based settings.

Toolkit Intended Audience

Adult education providers; employers

Toolkit Based On

Research conducted by Jobs for the Future

Toolkit Target Population
Adult Learners
Primary Career Pathways Element Addressed
Build cross-agency partnerships and clarify roles
Design education and training programs