Career Pathways Playbook

Toolkit Year
Toolkit Publisher
Thurston County (WA) Chamber of Commerce
Toolkit Purpose

The Career Pathways Playbook assists businesses with new strategies for locating talent,
hiring, upskilling current employees, and increasing retention. It contains business resources and data to assist in implementing new strategies, attracting skilled employees, increasing retention of top talent, and adjusting problem areas of businesses.

Summary of Toolkit Approach

This playbook contains resources which cover:
• Locating Potential Talent Pools
• Attracting Top Talent to Open Positions
• Upskilling Current Employees
• Reducing Costly Turnover
• Increasing Retention of Skilled Employees
• Designing Job Descriptions
• Posting Job Announcements for Greatest Effect
• Incumbent Worker Training
• Wage Analysis

Toolkit Intended Audience


Toolkit Based On

Research conducted by the Thurston County (WA) Chamber of Commerce

Toolkit Target Population
Adult job candidates
Primary Career Pathways Element Addressed
Build cross-agency partnerships and clarify roles