Webinar: Listening to Young Parents: The Multigenerational Making of Mental Health

This CLASP webinar on May 20, 2020 focused on learning from lived experiences of young parents of color and their perspective on mental health. The two presentations by Dr. Nia West-Bey and Clelie Choute were comprised of qualitative reports based on conversations with young parents about the role of intergenerational trauma in shaping families’ relationships to mental health. They identified unique forms of trauma and chronic stress to which young parents are susceptible, such as infant mortality, environmental stress, deferring dreams, and stress linked to policy and program barriers. The webinar offered practice, program, and policy solutions to address their mental health needs.
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Webinar / Webcast
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May, 2020
May 20, 2020
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Webinar Date: 
May 20, 2020
  • Supportive Services
    • Health/Behavioral Health Referrals and Supports
  • Special Populations
    • Pregnant and Parenting Teens