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Transition Services and Activities for Justice-Involved Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities

Youth adults and young adults with disabilities (Y&YADs) are overrepresented in the justice system. Researchers estimate between 30-60% of youth in correctional facilities have a disability and are at an elevated risk of adverse outcomes, including unemployment and recidivism. The Center for Advancing Policy on Employment for Youth (CAPE-Youth) hosted a webinar on August 17, 2023 that provided an overview of approaches states can take to develop effective transition services, highlighted rehabilitation and recovery practices that improve long-term opportunities for justice-involved youth and young adults with disabilities, and discussed educational and economic supports that improve employment outcomes for youth exiting the justice system. The webinar was a followup to an earlier roundtable discussion on the same topic hosted by CAPE-Youth and the White House Office of Public Engagement, as summarized in this brief.

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