Toxic Stress, Trauma Informed Care, and Tools to Support TANF Families

In this three-part video podcast series, Paul Rada from the Truman Medical Center Behavioral Health unit in Kansas City, Missouri presents information and strategies for TANF programs to better serve participants experiencing toxic stress. This resource is intended to aid TANF program administrators and staff in: 

  • Understanding the concepts of toxic stress and trauma‐informed care (TIC)
  • Distinguishing between toxic stress, trauma, PTSD, and specific related interventions
  • Explaining and applying toxic stress and TIC principles within TANF serving systems—specifically as they relate to improving employment outcomes and achieving program goals
  • Identifying administrative areas within TANF programs that can be assessed for TIC integration, as well as opportunities for cultural/organizational change which integrates TIC principles
  • Understanding methods for TANF participants to assess levels of toxic stress and apply appropriate coping strategies.
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Publication Date: 
November, 2017
November 2017
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Systems to Family Stability National Policy Academy
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Case Management and Coaching
Executive Functioning
Toxic Stress
  • Special Populations
    • Children Impacted by Toxic Stress
  • TANF Program Administration