Tiered Employment Program

EDSI’s Tiered Employment Program provides a structured series of “tiered” steps the client passes through to reach his or her career and income goals. The program gives the client a clear vision and timeline for his or her career development. At the same time, it gives the employer a specific time for employee separation to occur, allowing for an orderly process to backfill the position and transition the position responsibilities. Tiered Employment stops “dead end” job placement. The Tiered Employment Program establishes a strong relationship between the employer, the client and EDSI.

Record Type: 
Innovative Programs
Start Date: 
Monday, April 15, 2002
Type of Agency/Organization: 
Program Location: 
Wendell, North Carolina
Geographic Reach: 
Clientele/Population Served: 
Welfare-to Work Clients, Non-Custodial Parents, Ex-offenders, and Adult and Dislocated Workers
Programs/Services Offered: 

The Tiered Employment Program described above is a replication of a very successful program designed and implemented by EDSI in Philadelphia under a contract with the Philadelphia Workforce Development Corporation as part of the Greater Philadelphia Works Program. This program is now being implemented in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Delaware County, PA. EDSI implemented a Tiered Employment Program that included interested job seekers, employment development organizations and employers within the region. Employers’ opportunities were classified as Tier I, Tier II or Tier III based upon the position available, the wage, compensation, hours per week and benefits. Employment development organizations were trained in the processes of identifying, classifying and qualifying employers and job seekers for the program.

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