Summary Report of Technical Assistance Tanana Chiefs Conference

The focus of this technical assistance (TA) request was to take the overall concepts and ideas the Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) developed through the Promising Pathways Initiative and expand them to other Client Development Division programs, so TCC can better integrate the way they describe the logic/theory of their programs; identify practice implementation activities; strengthen service delivery; and collect, analyze, and share program results with various stakeholders. The TA request included assisting TCC in thinking globally about a division-wide theory of change that would include an examination of underlying assumptions, values, and traditional wisdom that contribute to program design throughout Client Development. Additionally, TCC was interested in continuing to explore an overarching practice framework that could inform service delivery across programs, as well as the development of outcome measures for the Client Development Division as a whole.
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Peer TA Products (miscellaneous)
October 2014
  • Tribal TANF
    • Program Administration
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