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The Peer TA Network would like to know how TANF funds may be used to provide services for non-custodial parents?

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June 1999
North Carolina
  • Special Populations
    • Non-custodial Parents
  • TANF Program Administration


North Carolina
02 Jun, 1999

Federal TANF funds that have not been commingled with State funds may be used to provide employment-related services to a needy non-custodial parent. Such an activity appears to be most consistent with TANF purpose 2. The needy non-custodial parent does not have to be defined as a member of the TANF family to receive services that are not defined as "assistance." See section 260.31 of the final regulation for the definition of "assistance." A "needy" non-custodial parent is one who is financially eligible for the service per the income and resource, if applicable, criteria established by the State. There are no "newly available" TANF funds for this purpose. The TANF funds would be the State's family assistance grant. In general, TANF funds must be used in ways that are reasonably calculated to accomplish a purpose of the TANF program. There are 4 purposes given in Section 401 of the Social Security Act. North Carolina may not use MOE funds to help the non-custodial parent in this way UNLESS s/he is a member of the eligible family. See Section 263.2(b) of the final regulations for provisions with respect to "eligible families."

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