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PEAF Webinar: Using Program Success Metrics and Organizational Change Principles to Implement Responsive and Modernized TANF Programs

Recent state, tribal, and territorial use of pandemic emergency assistance funding (PEAF) demonstrated the utility of providing customized approaches to meet the needs of low-income families. Program evolution, whether driven by a pandemic, legislature, or new evidence-based knowledge about program effectiveness means changes in strategy, business processes, technology systems, and staff roles.

Too often, change is attempted without the creation of a proper foundation to support successful and sustainable implementation. The Office of Family Assistance will host a webinar on February 23, 2023 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET which will focus on two critical elements that can effectively drive implementation of new approaches and strategies: first, to develop a clear understanding and definition of success, and then, to ground implementation in proven organizational change strategies. During the webinar, speakers will provide an overview of these topics and highlight specific examples from state TANF leaders.

Webinar speakers are Courtney Barthle, Senior Director Poverty Solutions, ICF; Tammy Belmont, TANF Program Manager, West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources; Gerrie Cotter, Project Manager, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Office of Workforce Development; Ben Jaques-Leslie, Research Scientist, Minnesota Department of Human Services; and Joe Raymond, Director, Social Policy and Human Service Programs, ICF.

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