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New Human Services Approach Focuses on 10 Critical Services; 50% of New Mexico Participants Report Trouble Accessing Programs

This Chapin Hall research brief series evaluates the 100% New Mexico Initiative, a community-led, data-driven approach to ensure all New Mexicans have access to vital services, including job training, transportation, and parent supports. Local communities are guided by a seven-step process to survey community members, assess results, and target evidence-informed solutions to resolve barriers to all community members accessing vital services. The model was designed to alleviate adverse childhood experiences by targeting root causes by ensuring that all people have equitable access to services. 100% New Mexico is designed to develop leaders who have the skills and resources necessary to advocate with decision makers about the fundamental rights of children and families. These briefs describe the collective impact approach, a method to evaluate progress, and results from the first set of counties who surveyed local community members about barriers to accessing vital services.

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