Maximizing Impact of Direct Cash Transfers to Young People

Many jurisdictions are considering unconditional direct cash transfers (DCTs) to youth and young adults to bolster housing stability, transitions to adulthood, well-being, and racial justice. DCTs offer a promising source of support and a safety net. The benefit of participating in a DCT program, though, is diminished if the payments increase tax obligations or reduce eligibility for public benefits or other financial assistance. Informed by collaborative community engagement with youth experts, local jurisdictions, nonprofits, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers through an interactive webinar series, this toolkit presents in one place the tax, public benefits, and educational aid implications for young people participating in DCT programs. Collaborators in the design of the toolkit also identified strategies to mitigate adverse effects on young people and maximize the positive effects of DCTs on young people’s well-being and investments in their personal goals.

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