Human Services Resilience in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Responsible Fatherhood Program in New York City

This research-to-practice brief reviews lessons learned from Seedco’s Office of Family Assistance-funded Strong Fathers, Stronger Families (SFSF) program which adjusted its service delivery model resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. SFSF helps fathers achieve financial stability by providing services focused on three areas: responsible fatherhood, healthy relationships, and economic stability. Seedco utilized a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process to service delivery that included continuous reflection on program improvements. Lessons learned focus on changes in recruitment and enrollment of participants; how program providers can deliver virtual workshops; how other services and referrals can be delivered virtually; the ways staff can change practices and procedures to enhance program benefits and minimize program limitations; and participants’ responses to virtual programming.

Record Type: 
Research-To-Practice Brief
Publication Date: 
April, 2021
April 2021
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New York
  • Family Strengthening
    • Fatherhood
  • Supportive Services