Horizon Communities in Prison

Horizon Communities, formerly known as Kairos Horizon, was established in 1999, when the first residential program was created. Horizon Communities in prison is a catalyst in redeveloping and rehabilitating inmates for a second chance in life. With half the recidivism rate of state prisons, the program provides a platform that predicates discipline, knowledge, and structure necessary to be a constructive and positive participant in society.  It represents a fundamental and distinctive change in criminal and social justice.

Record Type: 
Innovative Programs
Start Date: 
Friday, January 1, 1999
Type of Agency/Organization: 
Community-based Organization
Program Location: 
Tallahassee, Florida
Geographic Reach: 
Clientele/Population Served: 
Incarcerated individuals
Programs/Services Offered: 

Established in 1999, it is active in 4 states: Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and Ohio.  The programs include community mentoring, anger-management, communication and relationship skills, parenting and fatherhood programs; Crown Financial Ministries, faith-specific studies, a Family Day, letter-writing, and computer skills.

To date, the program has seen a reduction of disciplinary infractions and reduced recidivism. Importantly, it has also seen an increase in family restorations, testimonies of work supervisors, family members, and corrections officials of the difference that the program is making. Horizon Communities in Prison has remained with a low recidivism rate ranging from 11-17% depending upon the state they are in.

  • Family Strengthening
    • Fatherhood
  • Special Populations
    • Incarcerated and Individuals with a Criminal Record