Faith Connections

Faith Connections is an interdenominational, faith-based program in Wilson, North Carolina that works with government agencies to provide assistance to working families. The program is Wilson’s first collaborative program linking churches and pastors to those with needs unmet through public assistance. Faith Connections was designed by the Wilson County Department of Social Services (DSS) and is an accessible call-in resource. Program goals are to assist working families by providing the resources needed to maintain employment while supporting the unemployed with provisions to help them manage from week to week. The initiative's mission is to provide real time access to faith-community programs, services, and financial resources to alleviate "unmet" needs of families experiencing financial, personal, or family crisis. Faith Connections access pastors as individual needs arise that might best be addressed by their individual gifts and talents or the services/ resources offered by the ministry of their church.

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Innovative Programs
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Wilson, North Carolina
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Families in Need
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Faith Connections is often a service to individuals unable to access assistance from DSS. The program has provided individuals with computers donated by a local organization, clothing items, cars, car repairs and financial assistance averaging 100 to 150 dollars. In addition, pastors provide counseling services and link recipients to local churches while strengthening the faith-based community in the Wilson area.

Since the program initially began through March 2010, 70 partnering churches/non-profits have participated in Faith Connections. The program has received national recognition and is part of a research project by the Charitable Choice Institute at the State University in New York.

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