The Car Ministry Program

The Car Ministry is dedicated to helping the poor, the needy, full-time ministry workers like pastors, evangelists, missionaries and other Christian workers to obtain auto transportation. "The Car Ministry," was started in Falls Church, Virginia in 1984. It is one of the first car donation charities. The Car Ministry accepts donated cars and trucks for the purpose of giving them to the poor and needy plus those in fulltime Christian work.

Record Type: 
Innovative Programs
Start Date: 
Sunday, January 1, 1984
Type of Agency/Organization: 
Community-based Organization
Program Location: 
Falls Church, Virginia
Geographic Reach: 
Clientele/Population Served: 
Staff members of a local ministry; a missionary; a needy family; an international student; a minister or priest; a single parent; a seminarian
Programs/Services Offered: 

Car Ministry program accepts donated vehicles, checks their condition, and assesses the need for repairs. Then, the ministry gives the car or truck, at no cost, to someone in serious need, or the program uses the car to further the goal of providing transportation. The program has a long waiting list of people in need.

The Car Ministry insists that the donated vehicles must run well and pass Virginia safety and emission tests before they are given. Most charitable organizations simply pass them through or sell them without repair, a disservice to needy people who cannot afford to pay for immediate car problems. People are referred to the Car Ministry by social workers and pastors. Once given a vehicle people have opportunity to get to work and take care of family needs. Between 50 and 150 vehicles are given each year depending on the number donated.

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