Building a More Inclusive Talent Marketplace: Increasing Opportunity through Community and Business-Led Initiatives

Opportunity populations—such as youth between the ages of 17-24 who are not in school or out of work, formerly incarcerated persons, members of indigenous communities, refugee populations, homeless persons, and people with disabilities—all face various challenges and barriers to upward mobility. This U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation report offers guidance to stakeholders as they work with and help opportunity populations understand new technologies and navigate today’s job market. The report examines three focus areas—barriers to employment, labor market design for people who face challenges and have limited access to employment and career advancement, and recommendations for addressing barriers to employment.

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September, 2020
September 2020
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  • Employment
    • Employment Advancement
  • Education and Training
  • Special Populations
    • Disabled Individuals
    • Homeless Families
    • Immigrants
    • Incarcerated and Individuals with a Criminal Record
    • Youth in Transition