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Benefits21 Financial Resilience Series: Modernizing Public Benefits to Support Financial Resilience

The once-in-a-generation financial disruption caused by COVID-19 was a massive stress test on the financial resilience of U.S. households. In response, policymakers, companies, nonprofits, and community leaders stepped up to support households in ways they never had before – through direct financial assistance, by closing critical gaps in workplace benefits, and with innovative solutions to improve the design and delivery of benefits.

The Aspen Institute’s Financial Security Program will host a two-part Financial Resilience series which will highlight the foundational role benefits play in supporting household financial resilience, elevate the insights and work of benefit leaders, and discuss the opportunities for scale and innovations needed in public benefits and workplace benefits. Part 1 of this webinar series, Modernizing Public Benefits, will take place on October 13, 2022 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET. This webinar will highlight a new framework for financial resilience, elevate the work of federal, state, and nonprofit leaders currently paving the way to support household financial resilience by taking a people-centric approach to public benefits design and delivery, and explore opportunities for scaling these solutions to reach all households. Details on Part 2 of the webinar series, Modernizing Workplace Benefits on November 17, 2022, will be included in a future PeerTA newsletter.

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