Alternative Solutions for Child Support

This blogpost examines the implementation of the Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services’ Division of Child Support (DCS) Alternative Solutions program, a different approach for child support enforcement for noncustodial parents. The DCS model is based on a philosophy that puts more emphasis on consistent child support payments over time rather than “over-enforcing” child support orders that cannot be sustained. The blogpost illustrates how the Alternative Solutions program examines the barriers that prevent noncustodial parents from meeting their obligations, works with these parents to develop Individualized Solutions Plans, and connects them with other social services providers in the community to help meet their goals. The blogpost also covers the supplemental training that Alternative Solutions staff receive on trauma-informed case management, motivational interviewing, and family-centered coaching, and the ways that DCS staff have remained connected and work collaboratively with nonresident parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Stakeholder Resource
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February, 2021
February 2021
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