Ohio Aspire

Toolkit Year
Toolkit Publisher
Ohio Aspire
Toolkit Purpose

This toolkit is intended to support the creation of a Career Pathways Plan through career awareness, career pathways, and Integrated Education and Training resources.

Summary of Toolkit Approach

This toolkit has brief navigational videos aligned to the 8 Essential Components of the Career Pathways Plan including guiding questions and staff development resources. These components are:
Component 1: Partnerships and Alignment
Component 2: Promotion, Environment, Intake, and Orientation
Component 3: Individual Education, Career, and Life Plans
Component 4: Ongoing Assessment and Learning
Component 5: Career Advising
Component 6: Instruction and Job Training Services
Component 7: Support Services
Component 8: Professional Development

Toolkit Intended Audience

Adult education providers; workforce administrators

Toolkit Based On

Research conducted by Ohio Aspire

Toolkit Target Population
Adult learners; ESOL learners
Primary Career Pathways Element Addressed