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Full Peer TA Online Learning Center account creation and multi-factor authentication video instructions


PDF instructions for Peer TA Online Learning Center account creation and multi-factor authentication

FAQ: Unable to Access Peer TA Online Learning Center because of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) process

Some users are experiencing issues logging into the Peer TA Online Learning Center after creating an account. This is due to an additional security measure added to the Online Learning Center during the login process. This additional step is now required in order to log into the system and view the video courses.

If you are experiencing this issue use the following steps

  1. NOTE: You should already have an MFA app installed on your smart phone (as mentioned at the top of this page) before proceeding. Google Authenticator is the preferred app as it allows you to scan a QR code or enter a secret key.

  2. Log into your account from the Peer TA Online Learning Center home page at Go to the far top right corner and click on the login link.

  3. If you are seeing the following image stating that you cannot log into the center because you are "Unable to authenticate", please contact support immediately at so that your grace period can be reset and you can log into the center to set up the MFA.

    NOTE: the grace period only lasts 45 minutes before you are locked out again. You must set up the MFA within the 45 minute grace period.

    OFA Peer TA Online Learning Center - Unable to Authenticate message.

  4. Once your grace period has been reset and you have logged into the system, you may notice another notification (pink box with red lettering) stating that you have the option to setup the MFA. Click on the link that says "User Preferences" to begin the MFA process.

    If you do not see the notification box with the "User Preferences" link, go to your user profile (on the home page click on your user name in top right corner when logged in). You should see a "User Preferences" link listed in the MFA box at the bottom left side-bar area of your profile page. The following image shows the location of the "MFA - User Preferences" box on your profile.

    MFA  "User Preferences" box on user profile page.

  5. Once you've clicked on the "User Preferences" link in your profile you should see the following, click on the gray button that's labeled "Setup App".

    MFA Setup App page.
  6. You should now see the MFA page to set up the time-based code on your app. Use the following images for references.

    First fill out the field labeled Device label. Choose a name such as "Peer TA learning device".

    Next you have the option to scan a QR code with your chosen phone MFA app or use the secret key (code in yellow letters on Peer TA learning site) and account name.

    Once you have successfully added the Peer TA Online Learning Center account to your phone, enter one of the time-based, six digit codes generated by your phone into the field labeled "Enter verification code for confirmation" on the Peer TA Online Learning Center MFA page on your computer. NOTE: The six-digit time-based code will renew every 30 seconds, enter the code into the field before time runs out!

    Click on Save Changes

    Device label on MFA set up page.

    Peer TA Online Learning Center MFA process, QR code, secret key and confirmation.

  7. Once you save the settings you will be taken to the Multi-factor authentication preferences ("User Preferences") page (Please allow time for the page to load). The page will look like the following.

    MFA active factors page

  8. Next log out of your account by going to the home page and log in again to test if the MFA is functioning properly. You should see the following field to enter the six-digit number from your MFA phone app. Make sure to enter the code before the 30 second cycle.

    Authentication login field.
  9. Your setup is now complete! If you have any questions please contact support via email.