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Funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Family Assistance, the Web-based OWRA Tool offers social service agency caseworkers and staff services for clients through four modules, including a detailed, comprehensive assessment of client’s strengths, barriers, and work readiness. OWRA offers an innovative approach to creating a plan for clients that summarizes their strengths and barriers, and makes recommendations on placement into work activities and work supports.

There are currently two versions of OWRA available for download. OWRA 1.0 is the original version of OWRA; OWRA 2.0 is a more gender-neutral version of OWRA that is effective at helping case managers work with a wide variety of clients to identify and address barriers to increasing self-sufficiency, accessing social services, and obtaining and retaining employment.


  1. Read the User Guide and Quick Reference Guide.

  2. Watch the Instructional Videos on the Macrovolt site (Registration required).
  3. Explore the OWRA practice sites.

    a. For OWRA 1.0, the credentials are: Username: test; Password: test
    b. For OWRA 2.0, the credentials are: Username: test1; Password: test1
  4. Review, check and acquire the necessary hardware, software and other resources, based on the User Guide.

    1. Determine how the application will be administered and implications for load handling;

    2. Determine hardware set up for application;

    3. Determine security requirements:

                                                               i.      HIPAA implications for health and personally identifying information.                                                            

                                                              ii.      Customize encryption as necessary.

  1. Register  to Download OWRA 1.0 or OWRA 2.0, to ensure that we are able to communicate any necessary updates to users in the future.
  2. Download the deployable package and source code.
  3. Deploy application to test/stage.
  4. Determine and secure DNS and domain names.
  5. Set up users and hierarchy.
  6. Enter recommendation information for assessment.
  7. Test application.
  8. Deploy to production.
  9. Inform users of url/account information.

After completing the Checklist, feel free to contact by phone (1-866-989-6972) or email the OWRA Help Desk if you have any additional questions.


Both versions of OWRA are organized into four related Modules that allow caseworkers:

• To identify participants’ barriers to work;
• To determine participants’ work skills and work readiness;
• To link participants to pertinent development and work activities; and
• To track and monitor participant activities.

Intake ModuleAssessment ModuleSelf Sufficiency Plan (SSP) and Work Readiness (WR) ModulesReporting Module

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