Resource Library

How to use the Resource Library

Peer TA’s library includes a variety of Resources/Reports, Question and Answers, and Innovative Programs. You can filter by each one of these types of resources by clicking on the left.

  • Resources include Peer TA and other OFA technical assistance event reports and materials and resources from stakeholders with research on the TANF program and low-income families. We also include research from the Self Sufficiency Research Clearinghouse.
  • Questions and Answers are submitted by TANF stakeholders around the country designed to facilitate the process of information-sharing regarding important topics related to TANF programs and low-income families.
  • Innovative Programs refer to creative methods of administering the TANF program, imaginative ways that services are provided, or new means of helping TANF participants with multiple barriers.  The topic area includes Innovative Programs that have been submitted by other States.

There are two methods to find materials in the Peer TA Library.

  1. Keyword Search
    1. To conduct a keyword search, simply type a title, or keyword into the search box and click on the blue arrow. The number of results and the terms searched will display above the filters on the left ha