About OWRA / Practice Sites

About OWRA / Practice Sites

The Online Work Readiness Assessment (OWRA) is free and available for download. If you are a first-time OWRA user, we recommend that you download the latest version of OWRA (also known as OWRA 4.0). If you have questions, or would like to explore the OWRA Practice Site, please contact the OWRA Help Desk at (866) 989-6972 or OWRA@icfi.com.

Latest Version of OWRA (OWRA 4.0)

OWRA 4.0 interacts with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. This version includes an Employment Projections Module that supports social service agency staff as they provide career planning services to their clients. 

Browse these materials to learn more about OWRA:

Web Browser Compatibility
  • Chrome, Firefox, IE 9 or above
Database Server
  • PostgreSQL 9.3
Web Server
  • Glassfish 4.1
  • v 1.8

Registration is required so that we may inform users of future updates to the tool. Register to download OWRA 4.0.