OWRA – Cook County, Illinois' Experience Using the Tool in a Large, Urban Setting

In 2011, the Online Work Readiness Assessment (OWRA) tool was fully deployed and implemented over a six month period in Cook County, Illinois. Over 120 front line caseworkers across sixteen (16) Family and Community Resource Centers (FCRCs) were trained on how to use the OWRA application and on motivational interviewing, and 1,325 cases were created. In addition, the Illinois State TANF intake data system - Automated Intake System (AIS) was linked to OWRA. Caprisca Randolph - Robinson, who served as the TANF Director in the Division of Human Capital Development for the Illinois Department of Human Services, filmed an informational video about the state’s work with OWRA.


  • For additional information about how OWRA can help support your mission, please visit: https://peerta.acf.hhs.gov/tanftc
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