Stakeholder Engagement Resources

Stakeholder Engagement – Illustration of men and women talking around a table.

LASER TLC sites’ use of approaches and methods for identifying and prioritizing internal and external stakeholders and effectively engaging them is crucial considering the important roles they play in successful changemaking related to TANF program improvement. The learning session provided an opportunity for the TLC sites to make meaningful progress by considering evidence and practice-informed factors and strategically and systematically engage their priority internal and external stakeholders.

This practice brief provides TANF program staff with evidence-informed strategies for properly and effectively engaging external and internal stakeholders to strengthen and advance program improvement initiatives.

This agenda highlights key activities of the Collective Technical Assistance event held in December 2021.

This framework represents a synthesis of theory, research, and practice-informed literature on stakeholder engagement. The PowerPoint presentation provides a set of principles and action drivers for positively and productively engaging internal and external priority stakeholders.

The recording of the event is provided.

This tool facilitates stakeholder mapping through the identification and prioritization of stakeholders. Identifying and prioritizing internal and external stakeholders specifies individuals and/or groups having an important vested interest in terms of “influence” or “impact” on TANF program improvement initiatives.

This instrument helps gather feedback and input from TANF programs and their priority internal and external stakeholders on the quality of their engagement.

This bibliography encompasses practice-based articles, program summaries, evaluation findings, tip sheets, and tools identifying best practices for engaging stakeholders and establishing positive and productive collaborations and partnerships.