Organizational Change Strategies

As the LASER TLC teams continued to make progress, they also began to plan for implementation. Several site teams voiced their interest in exploring strategies to help them shift organizational culture and to align staff mindsets and skillsets with their planned program changes. These TA materials provide an overview of designing change strategies and share concrete examples from two programs that have addressed the challenges of implementing organizational change.

Organizational Change Strategies – Five people meet around a table while discussing a calendar.

This agenda reflects the key activities of the LASER TLC Collective Technical Assistance event held in June 2022.

This is a link to the recording from this technical assistance event in June 2022.

This event discussed how to implement change strategies and shared the experiences of New York City’s Human Resources Administration and Iowa’s Family Development and Self-Sufficiency program with developing change strategies.

Provided by Iowa’s Family Development and Self-Sufficiency Program is the master spreadsheet that outlines the 15 domains of self-sufficiency that FaDSS measures and works within.

Provided by New York City’s Human Resources Administration, is a comprehensive assessment tool.