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The Office of Family Assistance provides technical assistance through Webinars and Web casts on a variety of TANF-related topics. OFA Webinars are online web conferences that include information from Federal partners, TANF experts, State representatives, and TANF stakeholders in the field. Participants can listen to presentations, view materials, and ask questions through our Webinar software. This page lists all OFA Webinars, including audio recordings and transcripts.

Webinar Name Date Related Documents
Understanding Labor Market Information – For Agencies/Programs Serving Refugees Jul 10, 2014 PPT Presentation [PDF - 3,195 KB]
Transcript [PDF - 116 KB]
Recording [WMV - 17,576 KB]
Supporting Workplace Success: How Workforce Agencies Can Collaborate with Refugee Programs Jun 12, 2014

Investing in Youth and the Community: Summer Youth Employment Programs and Partnerships May 7, 2014

The Implications of State-Wide Job Losses on Child Well-Being Mar 11, 2014

ORR Webinar: Providing Coordinated Human Services to Refugees & Immigrants Specialized Service Units Sep 19, 2013

OFA Webinar: The Initial Steps for Tribal TANF: Submitting a Letter of Intent Jul 31, 2013

ORR: Building Partnerships and Collaborative Funding Streams: Colorado Refugee Services Program Jul 26, 2013

OFA Webinar: Partnering for Children: Collaboration Between Tribal TANF and Tribal Child Support Jul 17, 2013 Webinar PowerPoint [PDF - 2,587 KB]
Webinar Transcript [PDF - 286 KB]
Webinar Audio (plus PowerPoint) [MP4 - 60,848 KB]
ORR Webinar: Connecting Refugees to TANF Services in Minnesota and Utah Jun 27, 2013

OFA: Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Overview Jun 4, 2013

ORR:Using Intensive Vocationally-Focused ESL to Fast-Track Workforce Development Skills for Refugees May 30, 2013

OFA: Integrating Comprehensive Case Management Strategies into TANF Programs May 22, 2013

Broadening the Scope of Work Activities: Using Cultural Activities in Tribal Communities Mar 27, 2013

Leveraging TANF Funds and Strategic Partnerships to Improve Housing Stability and Economic Outcomes Mar 20, 2013

Engaging TANF Participants in Tax Filing Assistance Jan 30, 2013

Webinar Series: Leveraging Private/Public Partnerships and Funding to Improve Summer Youth Employmen Dec 11, 2012

Maximizing Multiple Funding Streams to Improve Employment Outcomes Nov 28, 2012

Stackable Credentials and Career Pathway Opportunities for TANF Participants Aug 28, 2012

An Overview of Programs Providing Services to Low-Income Teen Parents Aug 2, 2012

Teen Parenting Webinar PowerPoint [PDF - 1,641 KB]
Teen Parenting Webinar Transcript [PDF - 215 KB]
Teen Parenting Webinar Recording (mp3) [MP3 - 9,756 KB]
Teen Parenting Webinar Q&A [PDF - 149 KB]
Downloading the Online Work Readiness Assessment (OWRA) Tool Webinar Apr 24, 2012

Online Work Readiness Assessment: An Overview for TANF Program Staff Apr 18, 2012

Domestic Violence and Economic Security Feb 16, 2012 Download PowerPoint Presentations. [PDF - 2,030 KB]
Download the Domestic Violence Resource Network Fact Sheet. [PDF - 433 KB]
Download the Family Violence Prevention and Services Program Fact Sheet. [PDF - 144 KB]
Questions and Answers [PDF - 215 KB]
Download Transcript. [PDF - 630 KB]
Download the Webinar Audio Recording [WAV - 42,136 KB]
A New Look at Volunteering: Promising Approaches for TANF and Community Leaders Nov 29, 2011 Download PowerPoint Presentations [PDF - 1,601 KB]
Download Audiorecording [MP3 - 10,116 KB]
Download Transcript [PDF - 176 KB]
Domestic Violence and TANF Partnership in Indian Country Jun 27, 2011 Download PowerPoint Presentations [PDF - 1,764 KB]
Download Audiorecording [MP3 - 18,559 KB]
Download Transcript [PDF - 203 KB]
TANF and FBCOs Working Together: An “Incubated” Coalition and an “Inter-Agency” Intermediary Apr 26, 2011 Henry Street and Seedco Powerpoint Presentation [PDF - 474 KB]
Faith Connections Powerpoint Presentation [PDF - 1,730 KB]
Download Transcript [PDF - 559 KB]
Download Audiorecording. [MP3 - 8,698 KB]
TANF and EITC: Creating Additional Opportunities for ARRA Funded Subsidized Employment Participants Jan 26, 2011 EITC Resources Guide [PDF - 272 KB]
IRS Presentation [PDF - 1,450 KB]
Florida Prosperity Partnership Presentation [PDF - 531 KB]
Transcript [PDF - 111 KB]
Audio Recording [MP3 - 15,381 KB]
Overcoming Domestic Violence as a Barrier to Employment through TANF Partnerships Oct 13, 2010 Download Presentations [PDF - 1,788 KB]
Download Transcript [PDF - 231 KB]
Download Audiorecording [MP3 - 10,851 KB]
Green Jobs: Reaching TANF and Low-Income Populations Mar 10, 2010 Introduction to Green Jobs [PDF - 221 KB]
Solar Richmond Presentation [PDF - 1,658 KB]
Apollo Alliance Presentation [PDF - 276 KB]
Rutgers University, John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development Presentation [PDF - 500 KB]
Download Transcript [PDF - 493 KB]
Download Audiorecording [WAV - 43,452 KB]
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Innovative EITC Marketing and Outreach Strategies Jan 27, 2010 Download PowerPoint Presentations [PDF - 3,775 KB]
Audio Recording [WAV - 87,951 KB]
Download Transcript [PDF - 519 KB]
Download Multnomah County Resources [PDF - 4,675 KB]
NYC HRA Wellness, Comprehensive Assessment, Rehabilitation, Employment Program Jan 13, 2010 Audio Recording [WMV - 13,778 KB]
Download Transcript [PDF - 504 KB]
Download PowerPoint Presentations [PDF - 436 KB]
WeCARE Overview [PDF - 290 KB]
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Laying the Groundwork for an EITC Coalition Jan 6, 2010 Audio Recording [WAV - 40,589 KB]
Download Transcript [PDF - 502 KB]
Download PowerPoint Presentations [PDF - 444 KB]