San Francisco Human Services Agency/Partnership – Vocational ESL Immersion Program

In partnership with Arriba Juntos and City College of San Francisco, the San Francisco Human Services Agency runs the Vocational ESL Immersion Program (VIP), which provides a specialized program for CalWORKS participants who do not speak English. This program offers students an opportunity to receive paid work experience. While traditional English as a Second Language (ESL) programs take from one to three years to complete, the Vocational Immersion Program (VIP) has developed a shorter, intensive English language immersion program focused on teaching the vocabulary and expectations of the workplace.

In a series of 18-week, full-time classes, participants progress from the lowest level of language ability to a workable knowledge of English, familiarity with common workplace technology, and an understanding of American workplace culture. VIP is offered in partnership with San Francisco City College and two community-based organizations – Arriba Juntos and Catholic Charities. The program has become a model for other cities with large immigrant populations.

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Profile / Case Study
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July, 2019
July 2019
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