Recovery Friendly Workplaces – New Hampshire Model

In 2018, the New Hampshire Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) initiative was launched to help address the statewide impacts associated with substance use disorder (SUD). This compendium of resources supports the RFW initiative to empower businesses as they create work environments that are supportive to those in or seeking recovery, in addition to those who may have a loved one with SUD. Through this initiative, workplaces:

• Receive support and guidance from Recovery Friendly Advisors, regional Public Health Networks, Recovery Community Organizations, and RFW Peer Champions
• Get connected to SUD-related information, trainings, and resources to better support employees and create a culture where conversations about issues related to mental health and SUD are encouraged
• Complete an RFW checklist process that results in an official RFW designation, the development of an RFW culture, and visibility that helps challenge the stigma around SUD

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Stakeholder Resource
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June, 2022
June 2022
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