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A representative from the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families would like to know the best practices that states use to monitor their TANF performance contracts. What types of tools do states use to monitor contracts, and do they monitor overall data or conduct detailed reviews of caseloads?

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October 2017
Dept of Children and Families
  • TANF Program Administration


01 Nov, 2017

A representative from the Virginia Department of Social Services shared that they have a checklist included as an appendix to their employment service program manual as guidance for local agency administrators to construct purchase of service agreements to include specific language regarding pay for performance, expected/ anticipated performance outcomes such as: min/max number of enrollees that may be referred; numbers completing a curriculum/ earning certificates; numbers expected to enter employment, expected wages/ hours linked to payment for job placement, number of months the contractor may be paid for retention services and what specific job retention activities they will undertake; reporting requirements; also internal procedures for screening and referral; roles of each in providing the service; detailed breakdown of costs, how the contract will be monitored; definition of what constitutes acceptable performance.

Virginia DSS

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