Question from Vermont Agency of Human Services

A representative from the Vermont Agency of Human Services – Economic Services Division would like to know about transportation solutions for rural communities. Have states used Uber to transport participants? What are other transportation methods that are cost effective and can meet transportation needs in rural areas?

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January 2017
Agency of Human Services - Economic Services Division
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North Carolina
16 Jan, 2017

A representative from Wake County Human Services in North Carolina wrote that they would also like to know if any states offer Uber to transport participants to parenting or job training classes.

Wake County Human Services
West Virginia
14 Feb, 2017

A representative from Good News Mountaineer Garage responded that Uber was only approved to operate within West Virginia in 2016. For the most part, Uber is operating in their larger cities (which are still relatively small). Good News Mountaineer Garage works to put donated cars they receive and repair into the hands of qualified families. Separately, there are a few transportation programs for senior citizens, but otherwise, it is often friends and family members filling in the gaps.
Good News Mountaineer Garage

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