Question from Schenectady County Community College

A representative from Schenectady County Community College would like to know if anyone knows of a GED curriculum that teaches using a health care model/context?

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January 2011
Schenectady County Community College
New York
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02 Feb, 2011

I know of a program that has the resources you are looking for under adult basic education. Please contact Kris Wenzel at at the Colorado Area Health Education Center (AHEC) System Program. ( <br></br> In 2008, the University of Colorado at Denver and Colorado AHEC began a partnership with the Aurora Public Schools District to provide low-income students with opportunities to pursue careers in the health sciences. The Aurora LIGHTS (LeadInG the way in HealTh Sciences) Career Program, now in its third year, helps minority and disadvantaged students succeed in science, enroll in pre-med and health sciences school programs and become health science professionals. The U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesÂ’ Health Careers Opportunities Program funds the program.

Colorado Department of Education

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