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What States/jurisdictions are utilizing TANF funding to train TANF recipients in any aspects of the health care area? If you have information relative to this inquiry, the name and telephone number of a contact person would be appreciated.

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April 2002
District of Columbia
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Rhode Island
30 Apr, 2002

In Rhode Island, TANF funds to train Certified Nursing Assistants and Phlebotomists. CNA's are one of the State's highest demand areas for jobs and tends to produce quite impressive results. Some training is conducted on site at nursing homes throughout the state. Two people to call in Rhode Island are Jeannette Cabral, 401 462-2423 (OR) June Allen 401 462-6375. They are more directly involved in the specifics of training organizations or employers. TEXAS: Every year, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) honors a business in each of its 28 workforce development areas. In addition, one of the employers is chosen for a statewide award. Last year, two healthcare companies in Austin shared the statewide award. Several other workforce boards (serving Houston, Galveston, Waco, Dallas, and others) have partnered with hospitals and universities to address shortages of medical personnel. The ASPIRE Program in Maine does use block grant money to pay for health field related training, such as CNA or medical transcriptionists. They don't pay the tuition for programs such as RN, but they use Federal funds for support services/training costs for programs running less than 2 years (2 - 4 year programs are part of the PaS Program and funded with State dollars). Pennsylvania: In Pennsylvania, we use TANF funding for all our employment and training programs and yes, some of the ones- one in particular I think is in Philadelphia- was a nurses aide program. The contact should go through Dave Florey (717) 787-8613. In Tucson, Jobs is involved in a partnership that includes the Tucson Medical Center (TMC). TMC has trained some Jobs participants in medical field. The contact person to learn about the Tucson Medical Center (TMC) project is Ms. Sherry Froberg, Jobs Program Manager at (520) 628-6810, ext. 250. The contact at the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA, the Massachusetts TANF agency) is Ms. Constance P. Harris. Her direct number at DTA is (617) 348-5830. She is the Acting Director of the Employment Services Program, which oversees the training programs, including the Certified Nursing Assistance program. In Memphis, Tennessee for several years now there has been a program that trains TANF (Families First) participants for careers in the health care field. For most of these participants, Pell Grants are use to fund the training. However, there are a few participants who receive "phlebotomy" training whose tuition is not covered under Pell Grants; in those cases, TANF funds are used. For more details on TANF funding for this and possibly other programs in the State, you may contact David Gilliam at TN DHS. His contact info is shown below. David Gilliam, Director Families First Contracts, 12th Floor Tennessee Department of Human Services 400 Deaderick Street Citizens Plaza Nashville, Tennessee 37248 Phone: 615-313-2270 Fax: 615-313-6639 Email: The FY 2002 State Budget calls for the Massachusetts Dept. of Transitional Assistance to expend TANF and MOE funds on certified nurses' aide training programs and for adult education programs targeted to assist recipients who wish to become certified nurses' aides but who are not qualified to do so because of insufficient reading or math levels. The budget also allows for employment support services specifically designed to provide job support to recipients and former recipients working as certified nurses' aides. With respect to Vermont, this state uses TANF funds to provide entry level medical training for such positions as nurse's assistant and nurses aide at the various Voke Tech schools throughout the state. At a higher level, training is provided for LPN and RN positions at Vermont Technical College. Ed Cafferty would be the Vermont state contact person and he can be reached at (802) 241-2811. TANF funds are used to support Nurse home visitation programs in SD, and Wy. Kentucky: The Cabinet for Families and Children has a contract with the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. They offer two-year degree programs in health care services. The contact person is Shauna King-Simms and her phone number is 859-246-3146

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