Question about Non-Recurrent TANF Benefits

A representative from the Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services asks states and territories that offer non-recurrent TANF benefits: what type of benefit is offered; is there a cap or maximum amount; what criteria are used to determine when the benefit is issued and what is the process; and what is the respondent’s name, email address or phone number in case there are follow up questions?
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April 2020
Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services
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14 May, 2020

A representative from the Arizona Department of Economic Security/Division of Benefits and Medical Eligibility states that applicants to the Arizona TANF Cash Assistance (CA) program may be offered a non-recurrent cash benefit in the Grant Diversion option. According to the Arizona TANF State Plan: "Grant Diversion – Participation in the Grant Diversion Program in lieu of CA is voluntary for the applicant. The purpose of Grant Diversion is to divert the participant from on-going CA when the participant is likely to gain full-time employment within 90 days. Grant Diversion Program recipients are awarded a payment of three times the full monthly amount they would receive under CA. Applicants who are potentially eligible for at least one dollar of CA benefits and did not participate in CA in the month of application or the Grant Diversion Program in the month before the application month and have not received another Grant Diversion payment in the 12 preceding months may be eligible to receive Grant Diversion Program benefits. An adult participant must sign the Grant Diversion Participant Script and Applicant Agreement form and be a part of the assistance unit. As the Grant Diversion Program meets the federal definition of a non-assistance service, participants are exempt from child support cooperation and the referral process for the JPPO and other assigned work requirements. Nonparent relatives applying for CA for only the needs of a child, and unlicensed foster care Child Only cases, are not eligible to receive the Grant Diversion option."

AZ Dept. of Economic Security/Division of Benefits and Medical Eligibility

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