Integrating Financial Security Services into Workforce Development Program: Collaboration Releases Four Issue Briefs

Integrating financial security services into workforce development programs can achieve greater impact without requiring significant cost and time. Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW) and The Financial Clinic (the Clinic) have partnered to analyze the effects of financial security services on workforce development programs, with results released in four issue briefs. The briefs can be retrieved individually, or in their entirety. Issue Brief #1 is Why Should We Integrate? and discusses how workforce development organizations have made the case for integrating financial security practices. Issue Brief #2 is entitled How Can You Do It? and addresses how organizations integrate financial security practices. Issue Brief #3 is What About Roadblocks? and looks at how organizations have overcome integration challenges. Issue Brief #4 is called Is the Impact Worth It? and illustrates how organizations have justified the investment given the rewards.

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Research-To-Practice Brief
January 2018
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