A representative from Hawaii has two operational/logistical questions regarding TANF/WIOA:
1. How are other States addressing the requirement for an MOU with the one-stop delivery system that includes an agreement on funding costs of the services and the operating costs of the system(ยง678.500 (b)(2)? For HI, any agreement that includes a financial commitment requires a contract, and not an MOU.
2. How are other States addressing the placement of staff who are part of a collective bargaining unit in one-stop locations that are not operated by the State government, in particular those run by nonprofits? What are the issues, and how have they been addressed?

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July 2017
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26 Jul, 2017

A representative from Iowa Workforce Development responded that the Department of Human Services in Iowa contracts with Workforce Development to provide the TANF program, PROMISE JOBS. Under this program, Iowa subcontracts with a community action agency that also provides WIOA services and three community colleges that provide Title 1 services. This program is co-located in the One-Stop with staff from Wagner-Peyser, Workforce Development, and Title 1 staff. The TANF manager oversees both state employed staff and contracted community college staff. The manager takes responsibility for job performance but refers HR issues to the respective employers. Iowa has had this model for years and it results in integrated One-Stop services.

Iowa Workforce Development
26 Jul, 2017

A representative from the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation responded that Maryland developed a WIOA MOU/RSA policy, which was jointly issued by the WIOA agencies in September 2016, is available here: http://www.dllr.state.md.us/employment/mpi/mpi9-16.pdf. The link to the policy includes contacts if Hawaii has follow-up questions.

Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

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