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A representative from Hawaii would like to know what efforts have states who have raised their minimum wage taken to address and/or minimize the “cliff effect”, especially as they transition off. What types of support services are they offering and do they offer any monetary assistance/support/vouchers, etc.?
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December 2017
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District of Columbia
05 Feb, 2018


Based on research conducted by the OFA PeerTA team, many states are examining how to minimize the “cliff effect” for individuals receiving benefits. Although little research exists that cites using support services such as monetary assistance and vouchers, many agencies are reviewing coordination of services and internal definitions of financial self-sufficiency to combat the effect. View the OFA PeerTA's scan of programs here.

16 Feb, 2018

A representative from the Washington State Department of Commerce reported that the state minimum wage is now at $11.50/hour and will increase to $12 in 2019 and $13.50 in 2020. Several cities have higher wages. As of January 1, 2018, employers are now required to provide paid sick leave. The state is also exploring strategies through our transitional jobs programs, in its 20th year, to bridge that benefits cliff and stabilize into employment with benefits.

WA Dept of Commerce
27 Mar, 2018

A representative from the Nez Perce Tribe reports that their program offers a transitional status for up to one year while participants are working. They offer support services for up to 365 days after their grant stops, and at the 6 month mark, if they are still employed, they offer a $500.00 incentive, or if they are still employed for 1 year, they offer a $1000.00 incentive. This service is only good once a lifetime though.

NPT TANF Program

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