Expanding TANF Program Insights: A Toolkit for State and Local Agencies on How to Access, Link, and Analyze Unemployment Insurance Wage Data

State and local leaders at TANF agencies have been increasingly focused on using administrative data from TANF and other state agencies to better assess how well programs are working, inform policies and practices, and improve the lives of families with low incomes. Economic mobility through employment retention and advancement is of particular interest to TANF leaders, but administrative data on TANF recipients’ earnings are often difficult to access except for the purpose of investigating noncompliance. This toolkit was created to help TANF professionals develop more robust, data-driven practices using administrative data on earnings. It offers practical guidance to state and local TANF agencies on how to access, link, and analyze employment data from unemployment insurance systems for program monitoring, reporting, and evaluation. The toolkit may also be useful to other state human services agencies (for example, SNAP and Child Support) that want to expand their data use, as well as policymakers interested in supporting improved workforce outcomes.

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November, 2022
November 2022
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