Connecting to Opportunity: Lessons on Adapting Interventions for Young People Experiencing Homelessness or Systems Involvement

This MDRC report, prepared for the Annie E. Casey Foundation, is an evaluation of the Learn and Earn to Achieve Potential (LEAP)TM initiative. LEAP is designed to improve education and employment outcomes among youth from 15 years old to 25 years old who have been in the criminal justice or child welfare systems or who have experienced homelessness. The study looks at the implementation outcomes of operationalizing LEAP in two education- and employment-focused program models – Jobs for America’s Graduates and Jobs for the Future’s Back on Track program – that were conducted within 10 grantees in eight states.

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September, 2019
September 2019
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  • Employment
  • Education and Training
  • Special Populations
    • Homeless Families
    • Incarcerated and Individuals with a Criminal Record
    • Youth in Transition