BIPOC Mental Health

“Person first” language prioritizes the identity of individuals as human beings with their unique experiences and identities over their mental health status, and this concept can be applied in referring to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) rather than “minority” or “marginalized.” To promote and be effective in addressing mental health for all, Mental Health America (MHA) uses a racial equity and intersectional lens to highlight, better understand, and effectively respond to the range of experiences held by individuals and families with diverse values, beliefs, sexual orientations, as well as backgrounds that vary by race, ethnicity, religion, and language. Included in this MHA webpage is a hub of resources which includes mental health statistics, a mental health infographic, data on healthcare disparities among BIPOC, and links to position statements on policy issues relevant to special populations.

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January, 2023
January 2023
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