5-Point Strategy to Combat the Opioid Crisis

In September, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published a report entitled “Strategy to Combat Opioid Abuse, Misuse, and Overdose” and an accompanying online post to summarize the key findings and recommendations of their report. HHS highlights five key strategies to combat the opioid crisis: 1) better addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery services, 2) better data, 3) better pain management, 4) better targeting of overdose reversing drugs, and 5) better research. While the full report lists all subgoals and strategies for attaining these outcomes, this post highlights some of the work the HHS is already doing, such as accelerating access to drug overdose data or allocating millions of grant dollars toward treatment and prevention research.  This report complements an earlier OFA-sponsored study that discusses how opioid use disorder negatively affects work-rea diness and employment attainment.  

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Stakeholder Resource
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September, 2018
September 2018
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